I'm Jaime!

Hello! I am Jaime the designer and main maker behind 701 Design + Events.

hey there


hello there.

Welcome to 701 Design + Events, an event and calligraphy design studio located in the heart of southwest North Dakota. Here at 701 we specialize in designing weddings for the modern bride, the bride that has a killer sense of style. It is our goal to not just decorate weddings, but to design them with every detail in mind from fresh floral arrangements, to specialty linens, backdrops, and custom calligraphy, so that it truly showcases you and your love. 

                                                                            A FEW DETAILS

My name is Jaime, but my friends and family call me Jay. Seriously, I don’t think my nieces and nephews know my real name.

We are welcomed our first baby in November 2018. Our little Mila Valentine is so sweet, mellow, curious and cutest little lady we ever did see- we are the luckiest.

I have an eight year old cocker spaniel, he is my sun, my moon and all my stars. #dogmom

My go to drink is an iced americano with a pump of vanilla and just a bit of almond milk. Doesn’t matter if its 90 degrees out or -10 degrees, I will most likely be drinking it regardless.

I am a self taught calligrapher. I started learning back in 2012, when I was planning my own wedding and that little spark had brought me to where I am today.

Also,  I love love love what I do. 

Want to grab a coffee sometime? You can contact me at 701designandevents@gmail.com

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